More on Facebook – The likes, the dos and the don’ts

Ah, Facebook.

I wrote in my last post about my love/hate relationship with it.  I think many of us feel the same at times.

A conversation I keep coming back to, over and over, with many people is ‘how do I use it to promote my Page’.  You may be the Admin for a blog or for a small business.  But really, the general terms of use apply to both.

The almighty getting of the ‘Likes’

I’m from a school of thought that believes slow and steady wins the race.   Naturally, we all want more likes.  I’d love that.  But I don’t want fake likes, if you will.  The readers that are best suited for you page are the ones who are interested in it’s content, want to be engaged and want to engage back.  Numbers may look great, but if your page remains uninvolved or worse, gets hidden or un’liked’, then numbers and that fluctuation don’t hold strength.

I also see ‘liking’ a page as a personal commitment for some.  Is it an endorsement? Do I want my full name in view of this page? Facebook seems to have people (possibly because of privacy issues) more hesitant to just click that ‘like’ button.  At the end of the day, before clicking ‘like’ most people will think ‘why do I want to like this page’? Can you answer that question?

A lot of people use contests to get more likes.  The problem?  For starters, it goes back to engagement.  If they are only signing up for contests, will they stick around? Will they care about your content?  The other problem is that Facebook has strict rules when running contests.  Read more about the rules of contests here and here to ensure your page isn’t at risk.

Read more about how to get likes and keep likes here - it’s an excellent article.

And this link is excellent (thanks for sharing Lara!)

Sharing my Page on Other Pages

Tagging in Facebook is common.  This allows you to ‘tag’ another Facebook Page and by doing so, it appears on that Wall.  It makes sense at times to tag a page that you are working with, or sharing information about to your readers.  And it does offer new visibility. But tagging or posting your Page all over people’s walls promoting ONLY your Page can be read as spam. 

If you have a Page, you own the content.  If you feel a wall post is spam, you have the right to remove it. 

Make sure your tagging and wall posting makes sense.  Don’t over use the ability to tag and you don’t want your page to be read as spam.  Another way to get exposure for your page is by participating in other Pages.  Facebook now lets you comment on other wall posts and questions as your Page. 

What Content?

When thinking about your content, think about what your readers will want to see, what is relevant and in some cases what may be fun.

Questions (and the new built in Facebook question function), links that are not only yours, but relevant to your Page and pictures are great ways to make your Page engaging and user friendly.  Going back to what I mentioned in ‘likes’ – what are you offering? What will make people click the like and stay?

What do you think? How do you find success on your Facebook Page?

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3 Responses to “More on Facebook – The likes, the dos and the don’ts”

  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks for sharing. I was not awear re: Contest rules on FB :) very helpful tips


    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks Crystal!

      It’s so tricky. Even after reading the rules, I am still left feeling overwhelmed and confused about contests/promotions on Facebook!!

      We are all learning and it will take time for any of us to get a real handle on these admin pages – some models to look at are Mabels Labels and Yummy Mummy Club – both with great followings.

  2. Chantal says:

    Great info Rebecca.

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